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New standards for coal and degreening of eco-pea coal – draft changes

On 20 September 2021, the Ministry of Climate and Environment published a draft of a new regulation on quality requirements for solid fuels (number from the list of works: 649; hereinafter: "Project"). The project is not only a revision of the existing quality standards. Some names of coal are also to be changed, as they are too associated with a friendly impact on the environment.

Coal without "eco-"

The Ministry of Climate and Environment proposes to change the name of „eco-groszek”; to „groszek III”. In addition, the quality standards set for this type of coal will be tightened. This applies to the parameters of ash, sulfur and moisture content, as well as calorific value. The change of naming also affected the „ekomiał”;, which in turn is to take the name: „paliwo drobne”. According to the Project, the quality requirements for this assortment are also to be revised. It should be stressed, however, that this change will not remove „ekogroszek” and „ekomiał” from the market. These fuels will remain available for purchase, but under different names and will have to meet more stringent quality requirements.

Solid fuels obtained in the process of thermal processing of lignite

In addition to the reshuffles in naming, the Project provides for another significant change for the trade in solid fuels obtained in the process of thermal processing of lignite. According to it, these fuels will be covered by the fuel quality monitoring system only until 31 July 2023. This means that only until this date the quality requirements for this type of solid fuels apply, and thus it will be possible to sell it for the needs of installations with a capacity of less than 1 MW. However, from 1 August 2023, coal sellers will be able to offer this fuel only to intermediary coal entities or buyers operating a combustion installation with a rated thermal input of at least 1 MW.

Revision of other standards and amendment of the model certificate

The draft also provides for the tightening of other quality requirements. One of the more visible changes is the reduction of the permissible maximum sulfur content at the cube, walnut and peas. In connection with these changes, the Ministry of Climate and Environment on 30 September 2021 published a draft of a new regulation on the model of the solid fuel quality certificate (work list number: 650).

As a consequence, coal sellers will soon have to switch to using new model certificates. However, it should be pointed out at the moment that both draft regulations are at the stage of giving opinions. As for the date of entry into force of the Regulations, it is proposed that this should take place after 30 days from the date of their publication. We encourage you to speak and participate in the public consultation of the planned regulations. It cannot be ruled out that the proposed changes in the regulations will undergo some modifications.



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