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End of the paper age

Each era ends sometime. Soon, the paper form of excise documents will be forgotten and replaced by the electronic one.

The time has come for many new tools, platforms and forms of communication. CRPA, e-DD, PUESC, EMCS, CEWA, ID SiSC are abbreviations worth understanding.

What does this mean for you?

Documents that you have dealt with on paper so far will function on the screen of your computer, laptop or other device from next year.  

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by process automation. Prepare to handle your new duties and choose the best tools for this. 

Become friends with a new form of delivery note, records and excise declarations. Be with us on October 15 at 11:00 and take part in ours  free webinars.
You will learn:
  • what is CRPA and who should register here

  • who and how will have to prepare for the e-DD service

  • which is changed by the new form of the excise declaration

  • how to keep electronic excise register


  • what is the automation of handling excise processes  - how to conduct it and not go crazy

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Łukasz Janiga

Managing partner and co-founder of Legal Link. An expert in the field of legal and tax aspects of the functioning of, inter alia, the energy and raw materials, chemical and automotive sectors. Its key role is to support clients in the regulatory risk management process and in implementing new technologies in law and taxes. Specialist in the field of excise tax, VAT, SENT and fuel quality monitoring. 

Joanna Brylowska

Partner and co-founder of Legal Link. Licensed tax advisor with ten years of professional experience in advising on excise duty and tax on goods and services. A specialist dealing with both ongoing support in the field of excise duty and strategic consulting. He also comprehensively supports clients in the implementation of new excise duty regulations and solutions aimed at the improvement and automation of processes. 

Monika Jurkowska

Manager and project manager at Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne SA. Tax expert, specializing in excise duties and electronic systems of supervision over the movement of goods (including EMCS, e-DD, track & trace). He has experience in implementing and improving IT tools to support business processes. Speaker at numerous scientific and industry conferences.

Agnieszka Osowska

At Pentacomp Systemy Informatyczne SA, he acts as a Project Manager, supporting the management of excise tax projects. He actively participates in the process of modification and expansion of the PentaTAX platform. Responsible for the business compliance and usability of the application from the user's perspective. He conducts substantive training for users on the practical use of the application.

Łukasz Janiga
Joanna Brylowska
Monika Jurkowska
Agnieszka Ossowska

Legal Link is a consulting company created by a team of lawyers and experts in legal and tax consultancy. He specializes, among others in excise duty, monitoring the transport of goods (SENT), energy law and other obligations arising from the trade in excise goods.


Legal Link experts support companies in the analysis of business processes in terms of proper preparation for the implementation of electronic excise duty records, development of detailed instructions or procedures, as well as training and preparation for their operation. They also provide ongoing support in the field of classification of goods, maintenance of tax warehouses, obtaining concessions and permits, the Central Register of Excise Entities, as well as the service of PUESC, EMCS (eDD and eAD), SENT as well as excise notifications and declarations. 

Pentacomp is the creator of the platform  PentaTAX  designed to exchange information with the systems of the Ministry of Finance. The solution helps entrepreneurs with statutory tax reporting, including excise duty and customs reporting.  

For years, Pentacomp has been implementing and developing central systems of the Ministry of Finance, including the System of Moving and Supervision of Excise Goods EMCS PL. He also deals with the design of innovative IT solutions, system maintenance and servicing, and consulting for public administration and companies from various industries: medical, media, insurance, and financial. Through the implementation of strategic projects, for 26 years it has been supporting the largest organizations and enterprises in achieving success and market advantage.

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